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5 Health Trends to Know About in 2021

We all know it’s impossible to predict the future, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make a few guesses as to what the rest of the year might hold.

Especially when it comes to health, food and exercise, the opportunity for innovation is always around the corner.

What do you think the defining healthy living trends of 2021 will be? Here are a few to keep your eye on.

Distanced and Digital

Telemedicine. Virtual doctor’s appointments were already catching on before the pandemic began, and they’re most likely here to stay. Some visits will still need to be done in person, of course, but don’t be surprised if others, like therapy sessions and quick check-ins, stay digital.

Ditching the Gym. As social distancing remains a part of life, many people are skipping the gym for good. Everyday routines now include exercising outside as much as possible or turning to apps and videos to find quality solo or group workouts.

Mindful Living

Prioritizing mental health. A stressful 2020 placed mental health needs in the spotlight. As a result, many individuals, families and workplaces feel more comfortable discussing this essential topic. Expect to see a continued focus on stress relief, honest communication, coping techniques and more.

Thoughtful cooking and eating. You’ll also probably see a continuing emphasis on sustainable and locally sourced food. This means more home and community gardens, creative and collaborative cooking, and supporting your favorite restaurants by ordering takeout. Overall, in 2021 we’ll be more aware of food sourcing and quality than ever before.

Future Planning

After managing so much uncertainty these past few months, preparing for the future has become more urgent. Estate planning, exploring your life insurance options, and taking advantage of your health coverage are all continuing priorities.

Do you have any questions we can help with? Reach out anytime to check in.

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