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Covering the Basics: Health Insurance FAQs

At some point or another, we all have questions about the details of our health coverage. After all, things can get pretty confusing pretty fast.

Want to make the most of your plan and avoid overpaying? Are you unclear about anything?

Take a look at these frequently asked questions to get to know your insurance a little better.

What is the difference between my premium and my deductible?

Your health care premium is the amount you pay each month to your insurance carrier. Your deductible is the amount you need to pay out of pocket for health care services before your insurance coverage begins to pick up part of the cost.

Your plan may also include a copay, which is a fixed amount for a covered service, as well as coinsurance, which refers to the amount you pay after meeting your plan’s deductible.

How can I use my health coverage and minimize my out-of-pocket costs?

  • Use preventive services. Many health insurance plans offer free preventive services, including a yearly physical and flu vaccines.

  • Choose in-network providers. Your insurance plan will provide more coverage for services rendered by doctors and facilities within network than for any care you receive out of network.

  • When possible, opt for generic medication. Generic medication is typically less expensive than brand-name medication. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about your options.

Does my insurance cover COVID-19 testing and care?

Most insurance plans (those that meet the requirements for minimum essential coverage) cover COVID-19 testing in full. Coverage for COVID-19 treatment will vary depending on the type of health insurance plan.

What about the COVID-19 vaccine?

Federal rules say that the vaccine must be free for all Americans and you should not be charged for it. You can check the CDC website for the latest information about the vaccine.

Do you have more questions? Reach out anytime.

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